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Ukraine: Protesters block Internal Troops inside their barracks

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Hundreds of people gathered in front of army barracks 4114 in the city of Lviv on Wednesday, blocking the exits from the camp with barricades. A static protest has prevented the soldiers stationed there from leaving their posts since Monday, when rumours spread that the unit would be deployed against demonstrators in Kiev.

The troops stationed at post 4114 are attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, equivalent to military police or gendarmerie in other nations. In peacetime, Interior Troops are charged with protecting high value targets and dealing with armed internal conflict.

The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, declared Jan 23 a day of mourning for those killed during the protests in Kiev. Protesters outside the military base brought candles and oil lamps, sharing food and hot drinks before holding an evening prayer ceremony in honour of the dead.


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